Motown is left singing the Blue’s as of late

It wasn’t no more than two weeks ago that the Detroit sports teams were riding high. The Tigers had just defeated the New York Yankees to advance to the America League Champion Series against the Texas Rangers,  and the Lions were coming off their first nationally televised game in over a decade, and the Red Wings, we all know the Red Wings are doing the typical winning for the city as they have always have been.

It was just yesterday you remember the Tigers had their backs against the wall as they headed to the Bronx to take on the high powered Yankees for a 5th and deciding game to advance to the American league Championship series. The Tigers did what they do best and came out swing and knocked off the Yankees and was headed to Texas to take on the defending America league champion Rangers. At the same time the Detroit Lions were getting ready for their first nationally televised game in over a decade as they took on the division rival Chicago bears. The lions were riding on their high horse coming into the game 4-0 lead by stud Wide receiver Calvin Megatron Johnson and that high octane offense. The game had been sold out since 12:15pm the same day they went on sale at noon. The Detroit Red Wings were riding a 3-0 start and outscoring opponents 10-3 and coming off with back to back shutouts. You couldn’t tell no Detroiter anything different about their team. Detroit has a whole was kicking buts and taken names and the story read no different but one thing is for sure you didn’t want your favorite team to  come to Motown.

The following week went as planned the Lions beat the bears 24-13 to bring their record to 5-0 only one other team had and unbeaten record. (Green Bay Packers)  The Red wings won also and that brought their unbeaten record to 5-0 and the tigers were doing what they do best, stay afloat in dog fight. Going into the weekend the Lions and Red Wings were both undefeated and the Tigers had just won to send the series back to Texas down 2-3 with hopes of pulling out the upset in Game 6 to send it to a deciding game 7.

Pride and energy on high going into the weekend of October 14, 2011 is when the Detroit sports world would be put on mute. The Lions going to face the San Francisco 49ers at home suffered its first loss of the season 19- 25 and even though head coach Jim Schwartz tried to even the score in the parking lot with 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh after a little tussle, the lions went on to lose the following week to the Atlanta Falcons 16-23 and left them on a record of 5-2 on a two game losing streak. The Tigers went on to get slaughtered in a lopsided Game 6 loss 5-15 and sent the Rangers to the World Series and the tigers to clean out their lockers for the offseason. The Red Wings somehow found themselves in the same lane not as the tigers cause there season just started but in a two game losing streak that left them at a record of 5-2. Fans went from thinking World Series, 16-0, another Stanley cup championship to looking for tigers opening day tickets, “same ol lions,” come on wings!”

You might have won on the field but you wont win in the parking lot

The Lions, Red wings and tigers all had a rough weekend that lead to a dry week in Hockey/sports town. There were not any games at Comerica park, lions fans are left scratching their head and oh yea Welfare was cut this month.  Detroiters were hit with a lot of tough blows as of lately but as the upcoming weekend approaches both Lions and Red Wings have the chance to wipe the slate clean. The Red Wings get the first crack at it as they take on the team that knocked them out the playoffs last year in the San Jose Sharks Friday night at Joe Louis Arena. The lions this week head to Mile high Stadium to take on the Denver Bronco’s and Tebow nation. That old saying “win just one for the Gipper” and that’s all the Lions and Red Wings need to do this week to ensure some faith back into Motown. Granted the Red Wings have a long season ahead but indeed the lions are going in a bye week and having a 3-game losing streak will not sit well in Motown.


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